Replenishing well being in The Legend of Zelda collection used to contain chopping grass and smashing rocks for stray hearts, downing a tall glass of Lon Lon Milk, or catching one fairy or one other. Then Breath of the Wild launched cooking dishes to the collection, offering a brand new strategy to replenish well being with extra selection. Tears of the Kingdom retains up the cooking with an entire host of latest recipes to tuck into.

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Totally different dishes can present different perks as effectively, just like the Hasty dishes rising pace, Energizing dishes refilling stamina, Chilly for Warmth resistance, Spicy for Chilly resistance, and extra. Whereas these might come in useful, it’s the well being boosts that’ll maintain Hyperlink and the participant within the sport. So, if gamers are in search of a strategy to get better, these are the greatest meals recipes to heal Hyperlink’s well being in Tears of the Kingdom.



7 Spicy Fruit & Mushroom Combine

Tears of the Kingdom Health Recipes- Cooking

The best dishes can provide Hyperlink again a coronary heart or two, and typically much less. But when gamers need ones that’ll give them extra hearts for his or her buck, they’ll should load up on elements. Seize a couple of Hylian Shrooms and Spicy Peppers, and the participant could make the Spicy Fruit & Mushroom Combine.

It provides 6 & a half minutes of Chilly Resistance for any wintry location. Extra importantly, it’ll refill 5 of Hyperlink’s hearts. If push involves shove in even temperate places, this can be a dish price preserving in thoughts.

6 Spicy Sautéed Peppers

Tears of the Kingdom Health Recipes- Spicy Sauteed Peppers

Except they’ve an entire abundance of Spicy Peppers, that’s. The mushrooms are superb sufficient, but 5 Spicy Peppers are sufficient to make the Spicy Sautéed Peppers. It’ll additionally heal 5 hearts and get Hyperlink out of a pinch.

Nonetheless, it’ll additionally give Hyperlink 12 & a half minutes of Chilly Resistance, so it could be greatest saved for when Hyperlink’s proper within the thick of Gutanbac Shrine and different snowy areas. But when the participant has greater than sufficient Spicy Peppers to go round, then the Spicy Sautéed Peppers are price consideration.

5 Spicy Pepper Steak

spicy pepper steak cold resistance food zelda tears of the kingdom-1

The Spicy Peppers are nice for Chilly Resistance, although when well being is the secret, it’s price mixing 3 Spicy Peppers with 2 Steaks to make the Spicy Pepper Steak. Other than sounding tasty, it’ll get better 7 hearts.

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This dish offers gamers extra bang for his or her buck, albeit at the price of withstanding the snow and icy breezes. It solely provides 8 & a half minutes of Chilly Resistance, which continues to be an honest period of time. It’s simply price preserving in thoughts if the participant intends of hanging round within the snow or simply wants a pick-me-up.

4 Fish & Mushroom Skewer

Tears of the Kingdom Health Recipes- Bright-Eyed Crab

The participant doesn’t want Spicy Peppers and Steaks to only get better 7 hearts. Only for Chilly Resistance. If the hearts are all of the participant is after, they’ll get that with a couple of Brilliant-Eyed Crabs and Mushrooms to make the Fish & Mushroom Skewer.

It’ll perk Hyperlink proper again up in additional methods than one, because the Brilliant-Eyed Crabs alone also can replenish Hyperlink’s stamina. They are often purchased from touring retailers or caught of their outdated haunts from Breath of the Wild like Lanayru Nice Spring. Zora’s Area can be a great place for them, notably if gamers wish to full the “Crabulous Deal” aspect quests.

3 Honeyed Apples

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom-Best Food Recipes to Heal Link's Health-1

If fishing for crabs proves too tedious, gamers can head in the direction of the woods and knock down sufficient Courser Beehives to get some honeycomb. They solely want one to mix with the common outdated apples to make Honeyed Apples, but there’s no hurt in stocking up.

The Honeyed Apples may even restore 7 hearts every, with none bonus results. That may be sufficient if staying within the sport towards a tricky boss or testing problem is all of the participant is after.

2 Hearty Fried Wild Greens

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom-Best Food Recipes to Heal Link's Health(1)-1

On their very own, the Fried Wild Greens can restore 5 & a half hearts, and it solely requires some Chickaloo Tree Nuts and Hyrule Herbs to place collectively. It can be mixed with different objects for added perks, like Sundelions for Gloom Resistance.

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With a couple of Hearty objects, just like the Hearty Radish, the dish will change into the Hearty Fried Wild Greens, and add some non permanent bonus hearts. Whereas they’ll’t be replenished, they’ll lengthen Hyperlink’s well being till the participant can discover the requisite Coronary heart Containers to make them everlasting.

1 Meat Skewer

Tears of the Kingdom Health Recipes- Meat Skewer

There are sufficient dishes for gamers to experiment with. Gamers may even problem themselves to a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan run of Tears of the Kingdom to see if it’s doable. It labored for Metallic Gear Stable 3. That mentioned, the dish that heals essentially the most hearts in a single go requires turning Hyperlink into an omnivore not less than, or a full carnivore.

Hunt sufficient grassland foxes and woodland boars, and he’ll get Uncooked Meat. Cooking 5 of them collectively will produce the Meat Skewer, which is able to heal 10 hearts in a single serving. It’s basically a full heal for a lot of the sport’s run and a really first rate increase for the remainder of it.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is at present accessible on Change.

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