Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is a water-soluble compound that’s concerned in over 100 enzyme reactions within the physique.

It’s essential for the next:

Vitamin B6 is discovered within the following meals:

  • Fish
  • Beans
  • Fruits
  • Greens

Vitamin B6 can be taken as a dietary complement.

This text discusses the potential makes use of of B6, the dangers of getting an excessive amount of or too little of it in your physique, and the best way to optimize wellness by incorporating it into your weight-reduction plan.

Complement Information

  • Energetic ingredient: Pyridoxine
  • Alternate title: Pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine
  • Authorized standing: Over-the-counter complement (United States).
  • Prompt dose: Advisable Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 1.3 to 2 milligrams (mg) each day for adults
  • Security concerns: Not really helpful throughout breastfeeding; could work together with some seizure and Parkinson’s drugs

Makes use of of Vitamin B6

Complement use ought to be individualized and vetted by a healthcare skilled, similar to a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD or RDN), pharmacist, or healthcare supplier. No complement is meant to deal with, treatment, or forestall illness.

The position of vitamin B6 has been studied extensively for most cancers, dementia, and coronary heart well being. Nevertheless, numerous the proof is blended.

It is also been researched for individuals with melancholy, nervousness, nausea and vomiting, and extra.

Here is a take a look at the science behind a few of vitamin B6’s potential makes use of.

Tuna steak, a supply of vitamin B6.

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Might Improve Cognitive Perform

Vitamin B6 has been thought to assist preserve psychological perform and stop cognitive decline, however there’s little compelling proof that it really works.

The speculation is that vitamin B6, together with different B-complex nutritional vitamins like B12 and folic acid, might assist forestall reminiscence loss or dementia by decreasing homocysteine within the physique. Excessive ranges of homocysteine are related to cognitive impairment. Typically these B nutritional vitamins have been studied in tandem, so the true results of vitamin B6 are exhausting to find out.

Supplementation with B-complex nutritional vitamins decreases homocysteine ranges in individuals with Alzheimer’s illness or dementia. However curiously, a corresponding enchancment in psychological perform hasn’t been proven. And vitamin B supplementation was proven to have little or no impact on wholesome older adults when it comes to defending in opposition to cognitive decline.

A overview of 21 research confirmed that prime ranges of B6 alone did not influence the dementia threat of older adults, both.

Might Defend Towards Most cancers

A overview of 130 research means that vitamin B6 could shield in opposition to most cancers.

A better consumption of dietary vitamin B6 (from meals sources) was related to a considerably decrease threat of most cancers.

Excessive dietary B6 ranges had been primarily related to decrease dangers of cancers of the digestive tract, like esophageal, pancreatic, and colon cancers.

However curiously, a excessive complete consumption of vitamin B6 (from meals plus dietary supplements) had a lot much less of an impact on most cancers threat.

This could possibly be as a result of diets excessive in vitamin B6 are additionally loaded with different protecting vitamins that lower the chances of most cancers.

And solely 9 of the research within the overview had been managed trials that in contrast vitamin B6 to a placebo.

The others had been observational, which means no remedy was given.

No vital cancer-lowering impact was seen within the 9 managed trials of vitamin B6.

Because of this the position of vitamin B6 in stopping most cancers is unclear.

And as a normal rule, vitamin and mineral dietary supplements aren’t really helpful for most cancers prevention as they might even enhance the danger of most cancers in some circumstances.

Might Enhance Coronary heart Well being

The position of vitamin B6 in coronary heart well being can be controversial.

Larger vitamin B6 consumption has been related to a decrease threat of coronary heart illness.

However taking vitamin B dietary supplements has been decided to have little to no impact on survival, or threat of coronary heart illness or stroke.

Might Lower Nausea and Vomiting of Being pregnant

Vitamin B6 is thought to have anti-nausea properties. It is usually used for nausea and vomiting of being pregnant, however there’s restricted information to assist its advantages.

A research of 77 females discovered that vitamin B6 was higher at lowering nausea and vomiting through the first trimester than a placebo (sugar capsule).

And a overview of trials concluded that vitamin B6 was simpler than ginger for nausea and vomiting in being pregnant when it was taken for 60 days or longer.

Extra Makes use of

Along with the above makes use of, vitamin B6 has been studied for the next situations:

To date, the proof is pretty weak for B6 benefiting any of those situations.

Earlier than taking vitamin B6, contain a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD or RDN), pharmacist, or healthcare supplier that can assist you safely obtain your well being targets.

Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Some individuals could develop a B6 deficiency when:

  • Intakes are decrease than really helpful ranges over time.
  • They’ve a particular threat issue for lower-than-normal ranges.
  • There is a purpose they’re unable to digest or take in vitamin B6.

What Causes a Vitamin B6 Deficiency?

Vitamin B6 deficiency is unusual in america.

It is often present in tandem with low ranges of different B-complex nutritional vitamins, similar to niacin or folate.

Low ranges of B6 might be attributable to the next:

In circumstances of deficiency, notably from a situation or depletion of B6 from a drug, supplementation could also be required.

Teams at Danger of Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Individuals with the next situations are at increased threat for B6 deficiency:

How Do I Know If I Have a Vitamin B6 Deficiency?

Usually a vitamin B6 deficiency shall be recognized and identified by a healthcare supplier by way of particular labs.

Nevertheless, some figuring out options of a B6 deficiency could embody the next:

What Are Aspect Results of Vitamin B6?

Unwanted side effects aren’t widespread when vitamin B6 is consumed in meals, even in giant quantities.

However taking excessive doses of vitamin B6 dietary supplements over a protracted interval may cause extreme negative effects like neuropathy (nerve ache) and ataxia (lack of coordination).


The Nationwide Institutes of Well being (NIH) recommends the next each day quantities of vitamin B6.

As with most nutritional vitamins and minerals, these quantities fluctuate relying on age, intercourse, and being pregnant or lactation (breastfeeding) standing.

RDA of Vitamin B6
Age Each day Vitamin B6 Dose
Delivery to six months 0.1 mg
7 to 12 months 0.3 mg
1 to three years 0.5 mg
4 to eight years 0.6 mg
9 to 13 years 1.0 mg
14 to 18 years (male) 1.3 mg
14 to 18 years (feminine) 1.2 mg
Being pregnant 1.9 mg
Lactation 2.0 mg
19 to 50 years 1.3 mg
51 and older (male) 1.7 mg
51 and older (feminine) 1.5 mg

Most individuals in america get the really helpful each day quantities of vitamin B6 by way of their diets. It is generally present in meals like the next:

  • Meats
  • Entire grains
  • Potatoes
  • Fortified cereal

B6 might be taken as a dietary complement too.

It is out there as a part of multivitamins and B-complex combos and by itself in capsule, pill, and liquid varieties.


Dietary sources (out of your meals) of vitamin B6 are protected to devour for the standard youngster or grownup.

Excessive ranges (greater than 50 mg per day) of supplemental B6 are doubtless protected throughout being pregnant.

Seek the advice of along with your healthcare supplier for a really helpful dose.

It could be finest to avoid vitamin B6 dietary supplements if breastfeeding, as it could lower or cease milk manufacturing.

Ask an RD or RDN, pharmacist, or healthcare supplier for extra info.

Dosage: How A lot Vitamin B6 Ought to I Take?

At all times communicate with a healthcare supplier earlier than taking a complement to make sure that the complement and dosage are applicable in your particular person wants.

The NIH recommends between 1.3 and a pair of mg of dietary vitamin B6 per day for adults and fewer for youngsters.

Numerous meals are good sources of vitamin B6.

As an example, 1 cup of chickpeas comprises 1.1 mg of vitamin B6, 3 ounces of tuna has 0.9 mg, and a banana has 0.4 mg.

Some individuals could must take vitamin B6 dietary supplements. Whereas there is not a particular really helpful dose, the next doses have been utilized in medical trials:

  • 40 mg twice a day for nausea and vomiting throughout being pregnant
  • 3 to 100 mg for most cancers prevention

Due to the danger of negative effects, ideally, you need to purpose to complement with vitamin B6 for under as much as six months until your healthcare supplier suggests in any other case.

Dietary dietary supplements aren’t regulated in the identical means medicine are in america, which means the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t approve them for security and effectiveness earlier than merchandise are marketed. Select a complement examined by a trusted third social gathering, such because the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP),, or, every time potential.

Nevertheless, even dietary supplements which are third-party examined aren’t essentially protected for all or efficient generally. Subsequently, speaking to your healthcare supplier about any dietary supplements you intend to take and checking in about potential interactions with different dietary supplements or drugs is vital.

What Occurs If I Take Too A lot Vitamin B6?

As a result of B6 is water-soluble vitamin, increased than wanted quantities of vitamin B6 are sometimes eradicated within the urine.

Toxicity (or poisoning) is feasible if excessive doses of vitamin B6 are taken for lengthy durations of time. Vitamin B6 toxicity is characterised by:

To forestall toxicity, the Meals and Vitamin Board has decided higher limits of consumption (ULs) for this vitamin and lots of others. The UL is the utmost quantity of the vitamin that ought to be consumed from all sources, together with meals and dietary supplements.

The UL for individuals ages 14 to 18 is 80 mg of vitamin B6 each day. For individuals 19 and older, it is 100 mg each day.


Some prescription drugs could decrease the degrees of vitamin B6 within the physique. These embody the next:

Vitamin B6 can decrease the extent of levodopa, a drugs for Parkinson’s illness, by as much as 67%. However vitamin B6 doesn’t have an effect on ranges of levodopa when it is taken together with carbidopa (as in prescription Sinemet).

Curiously, excessive doses of levodopa and over a time period might also trigger a vitamin B6 deficiency. It’s because vitamin B6 breaks down levodopa and will grow to be depleted if there’s numerous levodopa within the physique. Seek the advice of along with your healthcare supplier concerning monitoring of your vitamin ranges when taking levodopa.

B6 supplementation may also decrease ranges of the seizure medicines phenytoin and phenobarbital.

The best way to Retailer

Retailer vitamin B6 dietary supplements at room temperature, away from the attain of youngsters and pets.

Discard after one 12 months or in line with the product label.

Comparable Dietary supplements

Different nutritional vitamins which have been studied to guard in opposition to coronary heart illness embody the next:

Numerous different dietary supplements have been studied as methods to assist decrease most cancers threat. A couple of of them are:

Whether or not these dietary supplements may help forestall most cancers continues to be controversial and requires additional investigation.


Vitamin B6 is important for power, mind growth, and a wholesome immune system.

Grownup each day necessities of 1.5 to 2 mg are sometimes obtained by way of meals like beans, fish, or greens.

Vitamin B6 could assist with first-trimester morning illness.

And dietary sources of B6 (out of your meals) may shield in opposition to most cancers to an extent. Nevertheless, keep in mind that vitamin dietary supplements are sometimes not really helpful for most cancers prevention.

Should you determine to strive it, focus on it along with your healthcare supplier to make sure it is a good match for you.

Keep in mind that taking an excessive amount of vitamin B6 may end up in extreme nerve ache and lack of coordination. Higher limits of consumption have been established.

Continuously Requested Questions

  • What’s vitamin B6?

    Vitamin B6 is an important vitamin also referred to as pyridoxine that’s present in meals like beans and meats, and which can be taken as a dietary complement.

  • What does vitamin B6 do?

    Vitamin B6 is concerned in over 100 enzyme reactions within the physique. It performs a job in mind well being, immune perform, and extra.

  • How a lot vitamin B6 do I want per day?

    Advisable Dietary Allowances for adults vary from 1.3 to 2 mg each day.

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By Megan Nunn, PharmD

Megan Nunn, PharmD, is a neighborhood pharmacist in Tennessee with over twelve years of expertise in remedy counseling and immunization.