Cendol is a Southeast Asian drink that is common in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Nevertheless, it is vital to notice that this dessert drink differs from place to position. Per The Jakarata Put up, Singaporean and Malaysian cendol is served in a glass or bowl, and consists of pandan jellies, pink azuki beans, candy corn, sugar, and coconut milk. In Indonesia, cendol is usually solely made with jellies, milk, and sugar; jackfruit or different aromatics are added now and again. 

The identify cendol has totally different meanings relying on the place you’re in Asia. In Malaysia, the time period refers back to the dessert, whereas in Java it refers back to the inexperienced jellies which might be “the star of the dish” (per Curious Cuisiniere). The jellies are barely candy and made with rice or bean flour, which provides them a texture much like that of noodles. Pandan leaf offers them their inexperienced hue. This distinctive ingredient offers the drink a punch of coloration.