Throughout Eid al-Fitr, which fits by completely different names in different international locations, you may see two variations of the layered dessert: kuih lapis sagu and kuih lapis legit. The elements for kuih lapis sagu usually embrace rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk, and the colourful layers of the dessert come from meals coloring. Components like pandan, vanilla, or rose will also be used to taste the dish. When you’re having fun with a chunk of kuih lapis sagu, you may peel every layer and eat them one after the other.

Whereas kuih lapis legit additionally has many layers, the elements embrace butter and eggs, and one of these kuih is flavored with spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. It was created through the Dutch colonization of Indonesia and is predicated on the recipe for the German cake baumkuchen. Typically browner in shade, kuih lapis legit can have rainbow layers. However the multicolored muffins are extra usually related to kuih lapis sagu.

One other main distinction between these two sweets is the variety of layers. Kuih lapis legit often has someplace between 18 to 30 layers whereas one other identify for kuih lapis sagu is nine-layer cake. But it surely appears 9 layers aren’t all the time the usual. In line with Epicurious, the Woman Wong bakery in New York has made kuih lapis with a whopping 57 layers. A minimum of some individuals affiliate these muffins with longevity, so it is a great deal with for main holidays.