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Posts misrepresent security of produce-protecting answer from Apeel

CLAIM: A security information sheet for Apeel Sciences, an organization that makes a protecting coating used to maintain fruit and veggies recent, reveals that its product could cause eye injury and allergic pores and skin reactions. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The security doc being cited is for an unrelated cleansing product that makes use…

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Are Fruits and Greens With ‘Apeel’ Stickers Protected to Eat?

In April 2023, viral posts claimed that folks ought to keep away from consuming fruits or greens with an “Apeel” sticker on them. The posts unfold throughout platforms like Fb, the place the claims typically appeared as copied-and-pasted textual content posts referred to as copypasta. We additionally discovered copypasta posts on Instagram, TikTok,…

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