There’s hardly anybody who can resist potatoes. You could not like them as a vegetable or a curry, however are positive to be keen on them as fries or wedges – isn’t it? Regardless of this, there are lots of individuals who chorus from having potatoes pondering they’ll make them acquire further kilos. However, what if we let you know that this humble vegetable additionally comes with quite a few well being advantages and in reality, even scores over a few of its counterparts? Sure, you learn that proper — and additionally it is one thing Mac Singh, a dietitian, identified in an Instagram publish.

“Potatoes have a foul repute in relation to diet. Usually, fitness center trainers and nutritionists prescribe to not have potatoes to individuals who wish to shed pounds,” he captioned the publish additional including that “100 gm of potatoes comprises simply 0.1 gm of fats. To place issues into perspective, even broccoli and corn have extra fats per 100 gm as in comparison with potatoes”.

“100 gm of potatoes have simply 110 energy, your pack of digestive cookies has 400 plus energy. Plus potatoes haven’t any fats, sodium, or ldl cholesterol,” he continued.


Talking with, Dr G Sushma – Guide – Scientific Dietician, CARE Hospitals, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad concurred with Singh and mentioned, “Potatoes are a well-liked staple meals in India and supply a number of well being advantages. They’re wealthy in nutritional vitamins C and B6, potassium, and dietary fiber. Moreover, additionally they include antioxidants comparable to polyphenols and carotenoids”.

Potatoes have extra potassium than bananas

Highlighting that most individuals are poor in potassium lately, particularly those that are vegetarian or have been on a weight loss plan for lengthy, Singh wrote that the starch in potatoes is nice as it’s resistant starch. “Agreed that potatoes are filled with starch however are you aware what sort of starch it has? Nicely, potatoes are filled with resistant starch which acts like fibre and helps to develop good bacterias in your intestine,” he added.

Well being advantages of potatoes

Dr Sushma additionally listed out numerous well being advantages of potatoes, that vary from decreasing blood strain to bettering coronary heart well being.

Beneath are well being advantages of potatoes shared by Dr Sushma:

• Improved digestion: Potatoes include vital quantities of dietary fiber, which promotes digestion and prevents constipation.
• Decrease blood strain: The presence of potassium in potatoes helps regulate blood strain and scale back the chance of hypertension.
• Enhance coronary heart well being: The antioxidants current in potatoes assist scale back the chance of coronary heart illness.
• Resistant starch: Potatoes include resistant starch, which isn’t digested within the small gut and may enhance insulin sensitivity, promote satiety, and scale back urge for food.

It is the way potatoes are prepared that can make them unhealthy. Deep frying, adding excessive butter or cream, or using pre-packaged masalas can negate the nutritional value of potatoes. How do you take pleasure in potatoes? (Picture: Pixabay)

Issues to remember

Whereas its well being advantages can’t be ignored, diabetics should eat potatoes with warning as they will “spike your blood sugar” ranges. He additionally suggested them to be consumed together “with protein and fats to steadiness out the carbs”.

“Sure, the way in which potatoes are ready could make them unhealthy. Deep frying, including extreme butter, cream, salt or utilizing pre-packaged masalas can negate the dietary worth of potatoes. To reap the well being advantages of potatoes, it is very important put together them in a wholesome method. Baking, boiling, or roasting are wholesome cooking strategies that may assist retain their dietary worth. It’s also vital to decide on natural potatoes at any time when attainable, as conventionally grown potatoes could include excessive ranges of pesticides. Lastly, potatoes shouldn’t be the one supply of carbohydrates in a single’s weight loss plan, as they might lack different important vitamins comparable to nutritional vitamins and minerals,” concluded Dr Sushma.

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