The resident prepare dinner of the Strawhats, Sanji, has to unlock their cooking skill with misplaced reminiscence cubes to be able to present recipes that buff the celebration.

Ever since Baratie, Sanji has supplied meals to the Strawhat crew by means of his glorious cooking skill, however in One Piece Odyssey the occasions of the primary story stop gamers from using his signature abilities till they unlock sure recipes. As a substitute, Sanji’s cooking returns by means of reminiscence cubes that improve his recipes to help the celebration throughout fight with highly effective buffs, reminiscent of clearing standing situations or restoring well being. Able to rising from an preliminary Stage 1 till Stage 3, new meals combos are given to the participant at every stage as fights develop tougher in later chapters.


Cooking as a mechanic doesn’t seem in One Piece Odyssey‘s sprawling story till Chapter 2, the place the Strawhats discover themselves as soon as once more within the desert island nation of Alabasta. Venturing out into the deserts past town of Nanohana requires meals and water, main gamers to the Spice Bean Tavern. Following this major story goal results in a cutscene by which a problem is issued to Sanji by the tavern’s prepare dinner, opening up a quest for gamers to search out components for Scorpion and Clam Soup. These are simply obtained from the seashore west of Nanohana’s Harbor and after combating scorpions within the desert.

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Unlocking Cooking Recipes

One Piece Odyssey Sanji's Kitchen Found at Camp Locations in Every Chapter

Monitoring down each components for the rival prepare dinner unlocks Sanji’s Stage 1 cooking recipes, which can be accessed by means of the institution. Varied choices for crafted meals objects exist right here and enhance as Sanji’s skills solely develop as gamers accumulate extra reminiscence cubes. Like Luffy’s Commentary Haki used to degree up One Piece Odyssey‘s celebration quick, Sanji has the innate trait to trace down uncommon components for cooking recipes. Finally, this results in Stage 2 cooking, which hosts much more potent objects, albeit with extra advanced ingredient wants gamers should accumulate earlier than their creation.

Gamers can entry the menu for each cooking merchandise by means of “Sanji’s Kitchen,” an elective tab discovered at both the Spice Bean tavern early on or camps in later ranges. Larger boosts to XP are immediately tied to events thrown at these camps, so these areas are essential for gamers trying to achieve additional advantages from fights and craft meals objects earlier than taking over the challenges of the primary story.

Each Meals Merchandise Recipe and Impact

One Piece Odyssey Sanji's Kitchen Menu of Food Recipes Players can Craft by Finding the Right Ingredients

Stage 1 Cooking Recipes

Meals Merchandise



Small Drumstick

  • Chunk of Meat
  • Aromatic Herb
  • Restores 1500 HP to a teammate.
  • Cures the “bleeding” standing impact.

Scorpion And Clam Soup

Bedrock Salt Pasta

  • Easy Pasta
  • Bedrock Salt
  • Recovers 200 TP to an ally.
  • Provides again 5% of whole TP for the subsequent three turns.

Sandora Dragon Steak Suggestions

  • Sandora Dragon Meat
  • Bedrock Salt
  • Restores 2000 HP to a teammate.
  • Will increase Assault energy by 10% for the subsequent three turns.

Bronze Bat Soup

  • Bronze Bat Wing
  • Corn Stalk
  • Restores 1000 HP to each teammate
  • Will increase Protection and Guts of all teammates by 10% for 3 turns

Sazae Kancho Pescatore

  • Sazae Kancho Liver
  • Desert Tomato
  • Recovers 100 TP to each teammate.
  • Will increase Protection and Guts of all teammates by 10% for 3 turns.

Banana Gator Pie

  • Gator Banana
  • Powder Wheat
  • Hint Sugar

Herb-Grilled Bo Bo Hen

  • Bo Bo Hen Breast
  • Aromatic Herb
  • Will increase Assault, Protection, and Guts of all teammates by 15% for the subsequent three turns.

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Stage 2 Cooking Recipes

Meals Merchandise



Flame Salisbury Steak

  • Volcano Dragon Tail
  • Kaen Kabuto Shell
  • Blue Peppercorn
  • Heals 10% of whole HP on an ally for the subsequent three turns.
  • Restores 3000 HP to a teammate.

Thunder Soup

  • Shock Kabuto Meat
  • Electrical Dragon Meat
  • Orb Onion
  • Recovers 300 TP to an ally.
  • Provides again 10% of whole TP for the subsequent three turns.

Ogre Sazae Kancho Carbonara

  • Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver
  • Static Skipjack
  • Pop Cream
  • Restores 3000 HP to a teammate.
  • Will increase Assault energy by 20% for the subsequent three turns.

Ganzo’s Oden

  • Bo Bo Hen Egg
  • Sea Radfish
  • Satan’s Tongue
  • Restores 15% of whole HP to each teammate.
  • This cooking recipe will increase the Protection and Guts of all teammates by 40% for 3 turns.

Durian Gator Salad

  • Gator Durian
  • Aqua Cabbage
  • Tree Melon
  • Recovers 1500 HP to each teammate.
  • Will increase Protection and Guts of all teammates by 15% for 3 turns.

Golden Jelly

  • Golden Bat Wing
  • Hint Sugar
  • Pop Cream
  • Ringing Apple
  • Revives a knocked down teammate again into battle.
  • Restores 50% of downed ally’s HP and TP when revived.

Aqua Cabbage Roll

  • Aqua Meat
  • Aqua Cabbage
  • Bedrock Salt
  • Desert Tomato
  • Recovers 300 TP to each teammate.
  • Will increase the Important Hit Likelihood of all allies by 25% for the subsequent three turns.

Elephant Tuna Saute

  • Elephant Tuna
  • Ogre Onion
  • Powder Wheat
  • Bedrock Salt
  • Will increase Protection and Guts of all teammates by 40%.
  • Bolsters the Assault stat of each ally by 20%.

Mastering Sanji’s Cooking Expertise

One Piece Odyssey Sanji Character Introduction During Chapter 1 Cutscene Before Beginning Credits

Whereas a Stage 3 cooking tier does exist for Sanji as the last word development of this character talent in One Piece Odyssey, the record of components and results are merely superior variations of these present in Stage 2. There are extra makes use of for the meals objects crafted than merely uncommon situations in battle, as Bond Cost Ranges between celebration members unlock particular assaults with Sanji if the cooked meals are used to help them in significantly damaging circumstances. Gamers shouldn’t be conservative with these crafted meals, as their components are straightforward to return by by means of regular encounters in explored areas all through each chapter.

Quite a lot of these recipes listed are advisable to be held always to suit the completely different conditions of particular person battles. For instance, if gamers are having a troublesome time coping with an enemy specializing in poison harm, a gentle provide of Scorpion and Clam Soup mitigates no matter danger that foe would pose to the crew. One Piece Odyssey‘s JRPG-style gameplay solely stays as tough as gamers select it to be, and unlocking all of the recipes by means of cooking actually makes the sport a lot simpler.

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