In keeping with the most recent knowledge from the Meals Consumption Panel of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Meals (MAPA) similar to the month of October 2022, from January to October of final yr Spanish households consumed 5,688 million kilos of fruit and veggies, i.e. 13% lower than in the identical interval of the earlier yr.

On this interval, vegetable consumption in Spanish households stood at 1,964 million kilos (-14% lower than in the identical interval of 2021). Consumption of probably the most consumed greens decreased: tomato consumption, for instance, stood at 463 million kilos (-12%); onion consumption at 228 million kilos (-19%); peppers at 165 million kilos (-18%), and the lettuce, endive, and escarole group, at 142 million kilos (-11.5%). Potato consumption additionally fell within the analyzed interval, standing at 710 million kilos, i.e. 11% much less.

The demand for recent fruits within the first ten months of 2022 stood at 3.194 million kilos, i.e. 12% lower than in the identical interval in 2021. Consumption of virtually all fruits has fallen. Orange decreased by 9% and stood at 532 million kilos, bananas consumption amounted to 447 million kilos (-15%); apple consumption stood at 327 million kilos (-7%); watermelon at 301 million kilos (-25%); melon at 291 million kilos (-16%), and strawberry at 108 million kilos (-8%). Solely grapes consumption recorded a constructive habits in Spanish households, standing at 78 million kilos (+4.5%).

Expenditure on fruit and greens within the interval analyzed decreased by 2.5%, totaling 11,010 million euro. Expenditure on greens stood at 4,154 million euro (-6% much less), and expenditure on potatoes stood at 688 million euro (-3%). In the meantime, expenditure on fruits stood at 6,167 million euro and was virtually the identical as within the earlier yr (+0.2%), based on the most recent knowledge from the Meals Consumption Panel of the MAPA processed by FEPEX.