Staying hydrated may help you reside an extended, more healthy life. However ingesting a number of glasses of water all through the day isn’t for everybody.

Well being specialists say that’s OK. Whereas fluids are vital, hydration doesn’t simply are available a bottle or from the faucet. In truth, no less than 19% of a U.S. grownup’s water consumption sometimes comes from water-rich meals. They usually’re not arduous to search out.

“A variety of meals are excessive in water content material, particularly vegetables and fruit,” stated Penny Kris-Etherton, Evan Pugh College Professor of Dietary Sciences at Penn State College in College Park, Pennsylvania. “Consuming these meals is a method of serving to to keep up good hydration standing.”

Although it has no energy, water performs a significant position in conserving folks wholesome. It prevents dehydration, helps rid the physique of waste merchandise, lubricates joints, protects the spinal twine, helps to maintain physique temperature within the regular vary, helps handle physique weight and may help cut back energy when substituted for sweetened drinks corresponding to soda or iced tea.

The Nationwide Academy of Medication recommends males devour 13 8-ounce glasses of water per day and girls devour 9, extra if they’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Dehydration happens when folks don’t devour sufficient, and signs could seem with a water deficit as little as 2% underneath the really helpful quantity. Signs could embody fatigue, confusion or short-term reminiscence loss and temper modifications corresponding to irritability or despair.

The vital factor is to remain hydrated, Kris-Etherton stated — no matter the place the water comes from.

When in search of water-rich meals, head straight to the produce division, stated Georgia Jones, an affiliate professor within the diet division on the College of Nebraska in Lincoln.

“Intention for vegetables and fruit that include no less than 85% water,” she stated.

Cucumbers high the listing, at about 95% water, Kris-Etherton stated. They’re additionally low in energy whereas excessive in fiber and nutritional vitamins Ok and A.

“The neat factor about vegetables and fruit is they bring about with them some vital vitamins along with water,” she stated.

Tomatoes are one other good supply for hydration, together with cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. Additionally water-rich are celery, peaches, zucchini, radishes and asparagus. “And lettuce may also present a great quantity of water,” Jones stated.

Snacking on fruit is an efficient strategy to get the additional hydration wanted after train or different actions that trigger a whole lot of perspiration, Kris-Etherton stated. However don’t overlook to drink water.

When selecting meals for hydration — or another goal — Jones stated it’s vital to hunt all kinds. “Don’t keep on with only one form. Be keen to strive new issues.”

What’s not good for hydration are drinks that include alcohol or caffeine, together with many common vitality drinks, Kris-Etherton stated. “They will worsen dehydration. And sports activities drinks typically include a whole lot of sugar. They’re actually not a great supply of fluid for staying hydrated. You could learn the labels.”

However do not forget that fruits and veggies can’t fully substitute every day fluids, Kris-Etherton stated. If a 100-gram cucumber is 95% water, that’s 95 grams or 3.3 of the really helpful 72 ounces of water per day for ladies.

“You’d be consuming a whole lot of cucumbers,” she stated.