Having many full hearts in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom means that you would be able to stand up to extra assaults from enemies with out getting one shotted. This most likely means you will see your self pissed off with battles a lot much less as properly.

It’s no shock that almost all gamers wish to both create Hearty consumables or Stamina consumables as in addition they enhance the benefit of traversing the land. So what precisely are Hearty components for?

  • Hearty recipes replenish your present hearts and add extra hearts past your present capability.

The extra hearts granted by Hearty meals and elixirs will seem yellow in your coronary heart meter. As soon as you are taking injury and these hearts are depleted, they are going to stay eliminated except you eat extra hearty meals to spice up your additional hearts once more.

Right here we’ll present all of the recipes you need to use in Zelda: TOTK to offer that additional life power increase you might be in search of.

All Hearty Elixir Recipes in TOTK

To make Elixirs, you have to to mix critters with monster elements in a cooking pot or a Zonai Transportable Pot. The extra critters you utilize, the upper the quantity of hearts gained. Combine it with any monster half to create the elixir.

Hearty Elixir: Combine a Hearty Lizard with any monster half. Use extra Hearty Lizards to extend the quantity of stamina gained.


All Hearty Meals Recipes in TOTK

To make Meals (Meals), you have to to mix meals in a cooking pot or a Zonai Transportable Pot.  The extra of those meals components listed beneath that you simply use, the upper the quantity of hearts gained. Be sure to don’t combine these with critters or monster elements, or it is going to lead to Doubtful Meals.

You’ll be able to combine these components with different meals, so long as the meals you might be mixing it with doesn’t have a particular impact associated to it.

Hearty Meals: Combine any of the next meals in a cooking pot.