• So What Can You Do With Pepper Jelly?

    Drinks, Food

    How would you like a nice full bowl of creamy ice cream topped with pepper jelly? What? Wait! Pepper jelly on ice cream? Why, yes, because it gives you a sweet-heat treat nicely atop that cool and creamy dessert. Why choose chocolate sauce when you can try pepper jelly that is available in a array that is vast of and gives anything else a kick?

    Zesty, sweet, heat–that’s just what pepper jelly brings to your dining table, or the grill, or the frozen treats, or the hand meals, or the dips, or, well, you receive the theory.

    Obviously the thoughts that are first utilizing pepper jelly will likely be all of the ways you utilize regular jelly. Toast, bagels, peanut butter sandwiches, on crackers, on Melba toast, the list continues and on. But this condiment isn’t limited to breakfast any longer. Because it’s not a fresh idea, folks have had …


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